Friday, March 22, 2013

The latest Journal is done....

I wrote this up earlier, but I hadn't bound the book at that point.  Here it is all together and finished.  I started with the little green Daily Food book I found in my parents' apartment, and I embedded the cover in the cover of the journal.  The pages were already colored but not bound. I also aged the paper that I used to cover the journal a bit.  I just used walnut ink diluted with water, so it is not very even, but I like it better a bit darker. You can see how white it was here.

I inset the back of the little green book in the back cover and used the spine if the little one as the center piece of the spine for the new book.

I bound it using a khaki green waxed linen and some darker green silk cord that I found.

Some of the pages I had painted had holes from where they had been bound into a spiral notebook previously, but I mixed them in with non-holed pages that were just a little bit shorter.  Size discrepancies don't bother me much in journals like this.

I covered the inside of the covers with a collage of pages from the little book.

there it is, finished project!  Well, now I have to decide how to fill it.  I like themed journals, the music one is almost half filled now, but I'm not sure yet where to point this one...
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