Sunday, February 17, 2008

and then we...

First, Romeo has decided that the crate in which Sienna has spent many of her formative years is really his. This has happened since it is generally vacant in the day and he just moves in as soon as she leaves it in the morning.

All well and good, but tonight I went out to eat dinner and mentioned to Sienna that it was crate time. She thought that was fine, but Romeo had decided not to move. So there they sat, the two of them, sharing the crate. I couldn't shut him up in there with her, and when I tried to prod him out he whined! I finally got him to move and shut her up, but I forsee trouble ahead. Or 2 crates..

Then we went to YUII for dinner. I forgot to take a picture til after we had devoured a lot of it but it was REALLY good tonight.

and after we got home and Sienna went out for her walk, Romeo got back in the crate.
the end///

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Harry said...

...and so the lamb lays down with the lion.