Saturday, June 28, 2008

I forgot to do some links on that last post, and things are starting to heat up around here in ways that certainly include the temperature..

Lomo Dianas are here. The new Diana, in addition to having a removable lens so you can use it as a pinhole, also has a FISHEYE lens that you can add, and a flash. I am sure that one is somewhere in my future.. but up here above the GWB options for developing the film are rather thin on the ground. sigh... but CIVILIZATION does not just depend on shops that process 120 film. Look! you can see the Empire State Building from my backyard looking under one of the arches of the GWB.

Also, because my art focus has been fairly invisible or maybe that should be diffuse lately, I am trying an online course from Sharon B through I have been reading her blog for years even though I don't do much textiles focused art I am interested in it. So.. she is teaching a class called Studio Journals: A Designer's Workhorse and the description spoke to me. I did email and tell her that I was not a crazy stitcher but I wanted to incorporate a journal in what I do and she said go ahead and see what happens.....or words more polite to that effect. So here we go.

I have probably 20 "journals" that I have started over the years. I will stick a photo in here later.. but none of them got integrated into my life and served as what Sharon calls a "compost heap". I WANT a compost heap. I'll let you know how it all works out.

Now, just so there won't be an almost pictureless post, a pretty to end with. This was the first picture I ever sold, at the first show I ever entered. It is a collage of my photos and a painting and I had NO idea what I was doing.

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lila said...

I like your collage of photos and a painting. Your natural good taste and artistic sense work just as well as "knowing what you're doing!"
I'm off to Joggles to check out Sharon B's class. I posted a new altered book page and sketch/self-portrait on my arty collages and dolls blog this morning. Off to see Sharon now...