Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I had a semi senior moment on Sunday

I mixed up the day of a class I was taking at B&H.. it is next Sunday ...sigh..

BUT, because I got all the way to 34th Street and 9th Avenue before I realized what was up, I got to spend some unscheduled money and time at B&H so I bought some Polaroid film for my Holgaroid before it all goes away, though they SAY the black and white Fuji fits in the small Polaroid back. We shall see, but I will be shooting a little bit of real Polaroid first.


I got to spend time at the A train station at 8th Avenue, which is right there at Madison Square Garden, the home of the circus.

The station has some wonderful murals and I stood there a long time watching people walk past them without really looking.

This guy is both interesting and a bit spooky, no?

"She" I think is spinning above the crowd. There are a lot of images in the tile here, zebras, no giraffes alas, clowns, monkeys, a fire eater, and some other acts, but what was interesting to me -because I am always looking for a story in these kinds of murals - was over on another wall.

This man with the hat and the briefcase looking at the little dog who was doing a trick.

Then, over on the Circus wall, you get this lit-from-the-front image of a man with a hat and a briefcase tossing off the briefcase and entering the big top.

Has he joined the circus, given up being a salary man and entered the center ring? I found myself hoping for that one.
Of course, the fact that I am re-reading Water for Elephants for book club probably helped me get to that interpretation, but it sure is fun to see that briefcase flying away and his arms in the air as he walks into the light .


blackbird said...

Of course I must have walked past it and never looked.

Robin Marie said...

Oh geez, I loved Water for Elephants! It presented a whole world I'd never really considered before. It's a great book:)

Also, hi, I'm Robin Marie. I found your blog through Jared's blog.

Nicki said...

Where is this magical place? I take the A at 34th a lot.