Friday, January 16, 2009

better, we think

Honestly, the photo is unretouched, except for the frame and the note. 

We are thinking he is better... at least a little.  Of course he never thought he was sick, so he is just fine anyway.  I am still force feeding him but he is not vomiting and he actually chose to eat a couple of bites of dry food.  He isn't doing a lot of eating by himself yet, but I feel like a corner has been turned.

Thanks for all the good wishes.  I think it helps, I really do.


Gill said...

Glad to hear he's a bit better, Jordi.

Knowing Romeo, I bet he's been reading one or two of these magazines which recommend a New Year the week is over he can gently return to his former regime.

I wish I could do the same....

jordiw said...

I've been joking that he has gotten the dates wrong for Lent or Ramadan..or has combined them into one holiday! He could use the detox more than anyone. The vet said he was a 15 pound cat in an 18 pound body. He did say that he was intended to be a BIG cat in any case.

nadine said...

i've just caught up on your week.
Sending BIG hugs to all of you.

Romeo, Darling, Big boned is beautiful.
No need to fast, or follow any religious leanings towards denying oneself the pleasures of nourishment.
Please, go and have a big bowl of supper. Mmmm. Yum, yum. Good boy.

Heg said...

Glad to hear that Romeo is on the mend. I know my appetite diminishes when I'm stressed. Any reason why he'd be stressed out? Not able to access the time share on his regular schedule? Not able to find new hiding places? All of this can be very stressful.

megat said...

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Maggie Grey said...

Sorry to hear about Romeo. I have been here with Cat Stevens (nearly £1000) and they put her on steroids as a last resort. These have done the trick, but it was an expensive business. There is a school of thought that says dried food is not good for them and Stevens did seem better when we stopped it. I've been able to cut the steroids down a lot, too.

I thought of you when we saw the pics of the plane and GWB. So many heroes brilliant.