Monday, January 12, 2009

sometimes the best laid plans etc etc...

Gill has blogged about the loverly cowl she is making with yarn she bought last summer when she came to visit. We were at the notorious Purl and I bought the yarn above. I love the colors, however, it is cursed with a strong desire to be something and a total inability to tell me what that something is!

I bought the two colors thinking they would make one of those great Noroesque striped scarves that everyone is making out of Noro. I alas find Noro too scritchy to wear so I bought Koigu.

When I cast on to make the scarf it had no striping in it and as a matter of fact made something relatively confetti like and not in a good way. After 6 inches (I kept hoping it would resolve itself into something I liked) I frogged it.

Then I thought I would make one of those modular scarves from Iris Schreier's book. It didn't resolve then either though I did give it almost 3 triangles before I gave up. (see note above about optimism.)

THEN I thought well, there are always socks, so I divided the big blue ball of yarn into 2 and set out to make socks. These at least LOOKED good and felt fine but I somehow thought I remembered how to make short row heels, and I did, but I remembered wrong and when the heels went so did my urge to knit those socks. Frogged again.

I think I will put them away for now and watch what Gill produces. Maybe the yarn will become aware of what it wants to be and tell me. In the meantime, I'm knitting socks from Jitterbug. 
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Gill said...

Jordi, I LOVE Koigu but won't knit socks from it because it felts in my shoes! But if its any help, I found the "Stranded" stitch ( Crusoe socks) looks really good in those short blasts of colour and noticed that the Yarn Harlot is doing something interesting with some similarly flashy yarn (probably socks)

Sometimes it's easy to get stuck, though, isn't it?

nadine said...

Hmmmm. Koigu felting inside your shoes is not a good thing. Good that Gill shared that tidbit, because i had thought that socks would be the ideal answer. What if ....
you mix the Koigu with a second yarn, and use it in alternating rows (that sort of a thing) ?

or maybe, the Koigu is just not yet ready.

Midgie said...

You can always do what I do when stuck with mumbling yarn - search the yarn on and find out what projects others have done.