Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pink is his Nose

The pink nose is one of Romeo's hallmarks.... in response to questions from his Fan Club (Gill  and Nadine in particular).  
Well, he is chugging along .. literally with his portly self .. and he seems to be better. I force fed him for a couple of days, but it seemed to me that he was liking that a bit too much, so I cut him off on Monday and he is eating slowly, though not as much as previously.  
The big worry for me was drinking .. his, not mine .. and he is drinking just fine.  I know that because everytime I enter the bathroom he is standing in the sink just as fast as he can get there demanding running water. 
He is still acting as though there is nothing wrong and his superior attitude is untouched. As to what was going on for the week he didn't eat, no one has a guess. The vet says this is just one of those questions where if they won't talk you may never know.  Since I have always thought that Romeo is a bear of little brain, I doubt he is going to learn to talk any time soon!  He just stopped eating and drinking for 10 days, got two trips to the vet in a cab, started drinking again and seems to be starting to eat. 
So, barring unforseen complications I am going to assume he is cured of whatever he had.  Clementine is goinig to miss the additions to her diet that he wouldn't eat, so I sort of think she will go on strike next. 
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1 comment:

nadine said...

BIG sigh of Relief.

So happy to hear that Mr. Pink nose
is doing well.
I love that he jumps to the sink to
command his cold running water.