Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Think good thoughts please

So poor Romeo has been sick since Sunday.  Or at least he hasn't eaten or drunk anything to speak of since then and every once in a while he decides to empty his stomach, though there is nothing in it....(Probably too much information for the non-cat focused among you). 

SO since the weather is iffy for the rest of the week .. really really cold .. I called the vet and tried to talk him out of suggesting that I bring him in.  The thing is, he ACTS just fine.  Wanders around the house, chases Sienna, sits in my lap, purrs etc. He just won't eat and drink.  Vet said bring him in.

Lugged all 18.3 pounds! of him into a cab and down to 76th street.  Don't even ask about how much that was, and the vet poked and prodded and looked and drew blood and took temperature and found .... exactly nothing....  

The bloodwork comes back tomorrow, but he thinks it is an irritated stomach, gave him fluids and peptin and cat food that is supposed to be easy on the stomach.  I am letting Clem try that too since she is the upchucker of the century.  

He came home, walked in the door and puked again... who says cat owners don't have it made?  He did look at the cat food and the water.  He is just not having any of it right now.

The little escapade so far has cost me nearly $400.  I hope we are done.  

Oh, and I cracked a tooth yesterday.. don't ask when THAT is in the budget.  


Gill said...

oh, keeping paws crossed that he feels better soon.

Jenni said...

All fingers crossed (makes hard to type).. Maybe his new years resolution was to slim down? Or his calendar is off and he's started lent already?

When mine go on a no food/drink binge, I get cat food with gravy. The only bad part is the ensuing brawls over who gets to lick up the most.

nadine said...

by the way, Lent does not mean you have to FAST. just give something up. Please tell the Handsome Romeo that he can just give up reading GQ for a little while instead of fasting.

I think his calendar is just a bit off.