Friday, January 16, 2009

and then there was a plane in the Hudson

It is hard to believe that this really happened.  That plane must have gone right past my window since it only cleared the GWB by 900 feet, they say.  However, since there were no engines, it went by silently, and though I was sitting here I wasn't watching out the window in the seconds it must have taken to go by.

I'll tell you that I couldn't believe what I was looking at whe the TV started playing pictures of people standing on the wings of a plane in the middle of the Hudson River.

Isn't it nice to have a feel-good experience with a plane crash?  I can't remember one this feel-good ever.

I can't help but love it that the ferries were there in just a couple of minutes and some of those people were getting onto a ferry within 5 minutes.  They are interviewing ferry passengers today who are equally amazed that one minute they were on their way home and the next they were helping wrap people who were soaking wet in blankets.  It is the New York I know and I am so glad to see it again. 

No pics, but the link in the first line takes you to a great one.

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Gill said...

We watched the footage last evening and wondered where the GWB featured in the story...wondered if you'd waved as it flew past your windwo.

Scary for the passengers but as you say, great that everyone was ok.