Thursday, March 19, 2009

Changes and Meetings

Remember this face?  Well, first note, there were no lingering effects from ingesting a ton of Girl Scout Cookies.  That either speaks well for the contents of Girl Scout Cookies or addresses directly the fact that I have always thought this girl could and probably does eat nails to no effect at all.  She also rarely chews, just swallows and everything is always fine afterwards. 
HOWEVER, after 2 hours of mud wrestling last night and much wailing and gnashing of teeth by me, Sienna is now ready for her closeup Mr. DeMille....
Ain't she pretty?
Hard to believe it is the same dog, isn't it?  The final straw was when one of her local admirers remarked that she might have gained some weight over the winter.  I think it was mostly hair, she looks pretty svelt, I think.  This wrestling will be renewed about every 6 to 8 weeks til next winter, sigh.  She does not like me messing with her hair.   Her paws still have little fairy bits of hair around them but maybe those will wear off, since we both need a break from mud wrestling. 

As for meetings.. sigh I am a BAD Meet and Greet person.  Yesterday I went here
and even had it cleaned to welcome my visitor....
We also went here and saw this and also went here and saw this with a knowledgeable commentator. 
I got to see several of the artists who are going to be included in her dissertation, and we talked non-stop all day long and had a great time.  However, I failed to take a picture of us!  Could someone please explain to me where my brain was located?  Oh well... we really DID have a great time!
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Gill said...

Oho...that was quick! Met her off the plane, did we?

Sounds as though you had a great arty time. Wish I could have been there too!

No photographic evidence? Clearly too wrapped up in more interesting activities.

jordiw said...

I can't believe I didn't take a picture.. we were just talking way too much. We missed you too, and kept saying things like "Gill would love this..." Your ears must have been burning.