Monday, March 16, 2009

theft by sneakiness

The scene of the crime. 
I need to tell you all that I am doing Weight Watchers.  I need to tell you that so that you have a picture in your minds of the impact of the rest of this post.  I also need to tell you that I am nearly 5 pounds down and that I fell off the wagon with a big huge splat last night at Malecon. Also,  that my "friend" blogless Nicki is the grandmother of a Girl Scout and feels it is necessary to buy more Girl Scout cookies than can possibly be eaten by one person and to share them.  
Nicki went with me to Malecon, but earlier in the day she gifted me with 2 boxes of the aforementioned Girl Scout cookies.  
After Malecon, since I had fallen off the wagon so badly I figured that I was so far down the path to insanity that I might as well eat a couple of dulce de leche Girl Scout cookies since I had never tasted them.  We had previously determined that a serving was 3 cookies and 5 points.  Might as well blow everything at once and get back on the horse clean on Monday AM. 
Of course the only problem with that theory is that there would be an OPEN box of Girl Scout cookies to contend with on Monday, but that was a problem for another day, so I ate 3 cookies, closed up the box, put it on the counter behind the sofa and went to bed. 
This morning, I rounded the corner into the living room and noticed something odd:
I am usually pretty neat ....upon closer inspection I found:
Neat little pile of junk is it not?
It is an EMPTY box of Dulce de Leche Girl Scout Cookies.  I know I only ate 3, I have never walked in my sleep and even if I had, I probably would have put the empty package in the trash.  I really am neat. 
That leaves us with only one suspect, and the embarassed eyes and slinky behavior have confirmed it.  I figure she ate 15 cookies.  I am sure that the next result of gluttony will not be pretty, and I will spare you pictures, though I may summarize the results ...............

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Gill said...

I detect a guilty look on her face.

jordiw said...

It is really amazing how guilty she can look when she KNOWS she did something wrong.

Harpy said...

I think from the evidence, there is reasonable doubt that Sienna committed this crime. Were not both Clem and Romeo in the same locus, perhaps alternate theories are viable.

nadine said...

i think that C & R. are Framing Ms. Sienna; and THAT's why she looks guilty. She's got the "oh i'm going to get framed. And i'm in Big Trouble." look. I bet that the cats hid the cookies underneath the sofa cushions.

Or Mr. Mustard did it with the Candlestick.

Nicki said...

Don't despair I have more cookies and will share again. Sienna does look so cute. I bring a box for her also.

Jenni said...

Sienna was only trying to help you keep to your diet. Now you have 2 compelling reasons not to have Girl Scout cookies in the house =)

MargaretR said...

She's not guilty! She's just telling you, she did it to save you putting on weight and gaining that 5 lb you lost again.