Sunday, March 15, 2009

Friday Evening at the Met

Spent Friday night at the Met for the Bonnard show, which is one of my not to be missed shows, as Bonnard is one of my big heroes.  No photos allowed, alas, but I did revisit some of my old faves.  The head above is one of the very first things I ever drew, and I still have the drawing somewhere.  Perhaps I will find it as I refine the studio.
Then there is this guy.  I love him too.
The lighting in the cafe was pretty dramatic both above the tables and on the tables themselves.  Wine, music and little bites.  A nice end to the week.
For one other really delightful show that I almost missed, see here  The African Textiles, while a very small show packed a big wallop with some really beautiful things.  I will be running a series over on the picture blog for the next weekish.
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Helen Suzanne said...

thanks for showing these Jordi. I love the head. ONe of the things I miss living out here is access to the museums and galleries.