Friday, March 6, 2009

The Saga marches toward an end

Or at least we ALL hope it does.  My reader(s) with eagle eyes noticed that I showed you both of my bed/studio rooms yesterday and neither of them contained a bed.  Well, that is because there is no place for a bed in either of them at the moment, so the bed marched itself into the living room.  This is what the living room looks like now.
A bit crowded in here, I guess, but only til Sunday.  Yep, I thought Rafael was coming on Saturday, but I was on the wrong page of the calendar.  He is coming on Sunday to build the bed platform, put up picture molding and paint the bedroom.  I am also hoping he will help me get the two flatfiles moved to under the new bed before he leaves.
This is the remainder of the old bed, I don't know if we will need some of the pieces, so it is sitting in the foyer.  One of Sienna's squeaky toys is standing guard here. And this:
Is the molding and the pieces of the "big" bed that I know we will use, Romeo is inspecting them to be sure they are up to snuff.  Actually, one of them was so obviously crooked that I made them trade it out. 
These are the two inspectors resting from their busy days.   Notice that Sienna badly needs a bath, but there are only so many stressful things I can do in a single day.  Bathing will wait til the building and moving are done. 
On a lighter note, after weather in the low teens the first of the week, today feels like spring and though the sun is peeking through clouds it is almost warm out.   
We are coming up on my most unfavorite day of the year  -- coincidently it is on Sunday along with all the other stressful things in my life -- The day we lose an hour of sleep.  I HATE that day.  My sleep is so important to me and it takes me at least a week to get acclimated.  I rarely had jetlag when I used to travel a lot, but this one hour kills me every year.  
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nadine said...

A Ha !
i was pretty sure you were sleeping in the Living Room (hence, Sienna trying to slow down all progress).

It's like Camping. Stressful, but you know it will be over shortly.

makeyourpresentsfelt said...

Love your 'speed bump'! I am so in awe of your fortitude and patience through all this upheaval!