Thursday, March 12, 2009


It is done!  The bedroom has  molding  added to it, it has been painted, the bed has been built and the little touches, like the bed skirt, have been added.   I also added a little sewing nook, since I tend to be messy and painty in the "studio" I didn't also want to be sewing in there.  SO, first, the sewing nook:
Nice shade of green, isn't it.  Leftover livingroom paint.

Second: The entire bedroom when you stand at the door looking in: (Sewing nook on left is not visible, nor is the mirror next to the wardrobe.) You can't see the picture rail molding but it is there.
No pictures hung, no speaker wires going to the studio, the bamboo posts are not decorated but overall.  We have liftoff.
THEN, we have the studio.  The flat files are under the bed in the other room, the tables are assembled, the shelves are coherent (Printing stuff all together, bookmaking stuff all together, all the pastels in one place, all the tools together ---  I am a little bit OCD)
Look.. you can walk all the way around the tables in the middle of the room without busting your butt on ANYTHING!!!
The light is great now that it has stopped raining and just gone back to being cold.

That is my chair, the little bit of dissolved madelaine cake that started this all.  I should find the article and frame it so I will remember it.  It started in early February and now it is mid March.  I only bought a mattress, some wood and one day of building, painting, moving help.  The rest of it I did myself!  I spent the last half of today just sitting in the studio admiring it.  Now I guess I have to actually DO something in there.. but that is for tomorrow.  Today is just for appreciation.
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Mark said...

Looks really great can't wait to see it in the Autumn, by which time it will have acquired that "lived in" look, no doubt.

Gill said...

Of course, I wouldn't recognise what he means by the "lived in Look" ...

blackbird said...

It looks GREAT!

nadine said...

Bravo to you. I'm in awe: i don't organize nearly as well ...or at all that lightning-bolt Fast.

and thanks for sharing the photos.