Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Been there, seen the beginning

I went to the Brooklyn side of the Bridge on Tuesday to the Fulton Ferry Landing and ..... the Telectroscope is emerging.
Rainy Day on the waterside, not too many people there but some interesting convergences.. also an article in the NY Times today. The upside-down drill bit .. it is coming up from the tunnel .. is slowly rotating, and just sort of working its way up out of the ground, though it made no progress while I was watching.

It was raining all day and part of what makes New York the best place in the world to live is that serendipity flourishes here. Catch the wedding couple having their pictures taken under a red umbrella behind it. I tried to get them in as much as possible.
I have had several people email me with comments similar to the ones that the Yarn Harlot reports. People tell her that she could buy socks for $1 at K-Mart instead of knitting them - as if she could possibly not know that. People ask me when they read my previous post "You don't really BELIEVE this !(insert worried brow wrinkles) Do you?" or they say "You know this isn't REAL, right?"

Well, it is REAL. The drill bit is REAL and it is REALLY turning. What is the wonder for me, and why I am so interested in this is that seeing it, whatever it turns out to look/work like, is that it requires what I call "a willing suspension of disbelief." I might have read that phrase somewhere, and if you know where, please let me know. The point is that like The Angel Project, which was here several years ago and is a fundamental piece of my art-brain, and like a lot of the work of Ann Hamilton, this creates a space into which you and your imagination can enter and wander about. The fact that Artichoke is involved and how much I loved the Sultan's Elephant is icing on the cake. (By the way, that links to a different video than the one of the Giantess that is here. Suspend disbelief for a little while.


blackbird said...

I'm fascinated with the whole thing, though, speaking of "real" there are a couple of spoilers in that Times article.

Jenni said...

A favorite movie line & reminder to never grow-up too much -

I believe...I believe...It's silly, but I believe.

Nicki said...

I think you should knit Paul a new scarf.