Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday printing

I started out from 181st street, and took the #)$(# shuttle bus to get to 168th street, where, in their infinite repair work, the MTA was starting the A train. Of course, they were pretending on the signs that it was the A (an express train) but in reality it was running like a C train.. (The local). So we all settled in for a long winter's nap. After MANY stops we got to Jay Street in Brooklyn.

Off I got, onto a bus to the Navy Yard... only to find that the traffic was stopped just across the street.

You can see the Navy Yard from where I was standing, but in between me and the entrance was the ENTIRE 5 Borough Bike Ride. Not a race, just a ride, but they weren't stopping. Adults, kids, unicycles.. all between me and my access to a printing press.

So, I did what any red-blooded New Yorker would do. I ignored the cop, waited for a bit of a break and dived accross. No screeches, no crashes, I made it !

and this was what I did once I got there.

This one especially made me happy.


Helen Cowans said...

Beautiful prints. Looks like a good Sunday's work to me :)

Gill said...

oooh, 'em.

Glad you didn't get squashed under a bike tyre en route.

Dorothy said...

Love these prints Jordi. I NEED to have a go at this!

Nicki said...

Absolutely beautiful!
I'm so sorry I missed this class. Oh well, I did have fun with the bambini.

Travis said...

Very nice with the printmaking!