Friday, May 16, 2008

The Telectroscope is coming NEXT WEEK!!!
It is part of the 125th birthday party for the Brooklyn Bridge and it will allow people in New York to wave at people in the UK.. .... realtime. In London it is on the Thames near Tower Bridge.

Now I know I have reader(s) in the UK.. Does somebody want to try to set up a time and see if it works??? There is a way to email Telectroscope and schedule a time so that you can actually wave at people whom you either know or might recognize on the other end of "the device, which purports to connect New Yorkers with Londoners using giant parabolic mirrors installed in a forgotten Trans-Atlantic tunnel." These are the same people who did the Sultan's elephant
that I was/am so enamoured of and wish I had seen.

There is a video on that link if you want to see what I am going on about. I am hoping I can go down on Tuesday when "a gargantuan drill will rise up half-way from the East River near the Brooklyn Bridge. Another drill will rise in the Thames near the Tower Bridge." That should let me scope this whole thing out. Pictures then, if I can get close enough.

It runs from May 22nd to June 15th.. Any takers?


Mark said...

Is this serious, Jordi. It all seesm very Jules Verne to me...

Nicki said...

You never cease to amaze me. The things you find to do??

blackbird said...

I find this terribly intriguing.
Keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

hey there

I'm in London and I've been blogging aobut this for a while. Perhaps we could arrange a time to wave at each other.

BTW if you have photos or vids of the NYC site please do share them. I've set up groups in Flickr and YouTube and tagged everything with 'telectroscope'.