Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Coop gave me a present

though I am sure they did not intend for it to be one. They installed a camera that broadcasts live pictures of the lobby on channel 999. (Turn that upside down for all you devil worriers out there). Of course the first thing I did was to record Sienna's and my going out

and our coming in...
Now how cute is THAT!! I think it is for security purposes, though when you think about it,

  • there is the buzzer

  • if TV not on, run to turn it on

  • wait for warmup

  • change to channel

  • try to prevent deafness while buzzer rings again and again

  • or

  • person goes away.

  • if you can catch a fleeting glimpse as they go you can get dressed and run them down on the street if you hurry.

I am not sure this will enhance security. HOWEVER. Since I am such a sad person, I listen to music a lot instead of watching the daytime soaps, so I now just let the TV play channel 999 while the music is on and when I waft through the living room...(a fantasy for another time)... I glance at the TV and see, generally, this:

The other thing is that I wish we had this in the other building I lived in, down in Chelsea before I came up here. Now THAT would have been a lobby worth watching. The mind boggles at what might have been seen there....sigh.

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