Monday, May 19, 2008


added later.. Operator error. At the risk of being annoying I am going to load the pictures again, so those of you reading me on google reader or bloglines may see me more than once.. if so... suck it up, stuff happens and the pics re a lot nicer when they embiggen.

Those pictures are not getting bigger when I click on them. Has Blogger down something that I have missed? They are done the same as the previous million pictures, I think...

As a test, a gratuitous picture shot a while ago to see if it enbiggers when you click on it. If not, complain to blogger, you can be sure I will..

This is the current state of the socks from hell.. or one of them. The other is done.

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Gill said...

I meant to ask..what happened to the sock with the - aaagh- middle bit missing the other day?

Previous post shows lovely lovely socks Jordi. Must investigate the eye of partridge sometime. It looks so neat.