Sunday, May 11, 2008

More apartment interiors

Several years ago.. maybe longer than I want to admit, I decided that I needed more storage space in my old apartment and I moved my bed up into the air. Not really FAR up, about 4.5 feet. Under the raised bed I was able to store not 1 but 2!! flat file cabinets. 10 drawers of big flat storage for paper and completed art works. I loved it. When I moved, the movers took the bed apart and re-assembled it in the new apartment. It is a little more "flexible" than it used to be, it sometimes sways a little if I roll around at night, but on the whole it is still storing both 10 drawers of flat paper AND my extensive stash of knitting yarn.....or at least most of it...AND my button and bakelite bits stash.

Attractive, however, it was not. You will also notice that I never got a real ladder, instead using some little library stairs and a stool painted to match nothing else in the room to get into bed at night.

Sienna and Clem were happy with it all though. Last week I got another surge of energy and decided the time had come to do something about that mess in the bedroom. 8 yards of fabric, a sewn hem, a staple gun and a lot of sweat later .... TA DAAAA!
I even found a fabric that matched the bottom of the stool and portions of the Chinese rug. NOW... all that is left is to dig some finished artwork out of the flat files and hang it on the walls. Almost 8 months after moving in, I am closing in on sort of finished.

I never am finished, that is not my style, but I am at least not wincing when people see the bedroom. You will notice, however, that I am still not making the bed. Hey! It is MY bed and it is hard to make. So I don't. Eventually I will figure out that part of civilization. For now...

Happy Mother's Day to me.

Travis and I are in sync, he called and offered to buy me the fabric to do this right after I finished it. How nice it is to have a child across the country who still somehow knows what will make his mother smile..

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