Saturday, June 14, 2008

Did you know it was Flag Day?

According to The Port Authority Website:

"The George Washington Bridge is home to the world's largest free-flying American flag. The flag, which is located under the upper arch of the New Jersey tower, drapes vertically for 90 feet and flies freely, responding to breezes from the Hudson River or Palisades. The flag's stripes are approximately 5 feet wide and the stars measure about 4 feet in diameter. Weather permitting, the flag is flown on the following eight holidays: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, and Veterans Day."

So today is Flag Day, although I will admit I didn't know that. There were also speedboat races on the Hudson. I didn't know about them, either, so I missed the big race upriver, though I got to the window in time to see probably 50 speedboats going upriver and to hear them too. I did get my camera out in time to see some of them come back down..

The hardest thing about living in New York City is that there is NEVER a way to know everything that is going on in the city on any day. It seems impossible to get a real handle on everything, and that is sad, because if I had known about the boat race I might well have taken Sienna down to the river and gotten better pictures. Aren't the boats great looking? The huge clump of them going North at the same time was amazing. I think if you live in other places if you make it your business to know what is happening you can do it. Here... no way dammit!!

However, it is raining downtown, not here, we just got some thunder and that was it. Some things you can miss easily!!

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