Thursday, June 26, 2008

I was saving this til I had the photos developed

but then I decided that might be months at the rate I am going, so...
B & H had a free seminar sponsored by the new Diana Cameras which have been re-created by Lomo.

There were free try-out cameras and free 120 Fuji film for all participants.

Needless to say, that caused a bit of a feeding frenzy, but at the end there was plenty of everything to go around and we all walked out with our cameras to try them out.

Some of the sponsor representatives had a bit of overkill or maybe it was over bling... but they were showing off their wares and it was fun!

Since the film was free, we shot everything that didn't move, at the Midtown Post Office where the steps and all the people on them were great fun, to the Chelsea pier area where we had boats and bikers and skaters and golfers to try this out on.

There were even a couple of vintage Dianas... isn't that an oxymoron?

Cute, though, isn't it? On the new Diana you can screw off the lens and it becomes a pinhole camera. You shoot 120 film and can set it up to shoot either 12 or 16 frames per roll. I have 3 rolls to get developed. I plan to get them in this week or ELSE! Color, slide and black and white, I tried them all, so you will eventually see what I get.

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