Saturday, June 28, 2008

the half-used journal stack

This is my stack of half-used journals. As you can see, I experimented with a lot of different bindings, different sizes, different papers.

When I moved I gathered these all in one place when I put my "studio" together, and there they sit. Now I am going to stare at them for a bit and figure out what I want in a studio journal. I know it can't be "precious" or I will NOT use it. I have proved that already.

I want something I can carry around with me. So that will limit the size somewhat. If I don't carry it around then I will start splitting things up again, and have one in my purse and one at home and they will never sync up.

I think I don't want a ring binding, since they take up space in my bag. The one that is the closest to full and has a lot of things I like in it is the biggest one near the bottom. I left that on my desk and glued things in it that grabbed my interest. That is what I want this journal to do. But I want it to be with me when I see those things, so half that size would probably work.

I am going to go stare at the assembled multitudes of journals in the studio. Something is going to work.


Liz said...

Ha, Jordi, I am so glad to see this - my stack is similar to yours! And I also have a similar pile of unused journals since I did a journal making course with Sue Bleiweiss....

lila said...

I always have a "cut and paste" journal going. But it stays at home...I live in a small city so there are fewer events and venues to make carrying a journal part of the day! I guess taking a sketchbook along on a visit to the botanical gardens would be a good thing.
I find that blogging has led me to journal less!