Monday, June 30, 2008

I was in Times Square the other night

I love the collage elements that make up Times Square, the people, the signs, the buildings, the traffic. I love it all and I guess that is why I will never leave the city, though I am having a bit of withdrawal pangs living up here in nosebleed land above the GWB.

I used to say I got a nosebleed if I went above 42nd Street. Now, living off 181st Street, I find it is still within commuting distance to the lower 42 and beyond.

Anyway, this is what was going on in Times Square by the US Army Recruiting Booth the other night. The Booth, by the way, has been repaired since the bicycle bomb and was redesigned back in 1999. It fits in with the rest of the area a lot better with all the neon and sparkle and I guess it is now a destination for photo shoots.

The Times Square-ness of it all is also in the mix of passers-by and gawkers who feel totally at ease inserting themselves into the scene as it unfolds.


and of course, the fact that even the photographers leave the models alone sometimes and take pictures of the passing parade.

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blackbird said...

Those are great photos - so many fascinating people.