Tuesday, June 3, 2008

miles of garter stitch second report

Miles and miles of garter stitch is piling up here above the GWB. You can see the occasional unwoven in end hanging off this pile of garter stitch, but it does look pretty all stacked up there, doesn't it?

I love the yarn - Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky in the color they call charcoal, but is a bit more purple than truly grey. I better love this color, I have a ton of it since I re-ordered in a fit of panic twice!

I had this nervous breakdown that I was not going to have enough, so I went back to the well and now I think I will have about 6 skeins left over. It's ok, I really do like the yarn, so something will happen with it, though I am generally not a chunky yarn knitter.

This is miss Clementine peeking out from behind the stack to give you some perspective. It is tall.

The afghan is an Elizabeth Zimmerman creation from the Opinionated Knitter and it is actually more interesting to knit than I thought it would be. Aside from the garter stitch, the corners are fun to knit and cleverly done and the edge is beautiful. I could add knit on I-cord, but the edge just as EZ designed it is really good looking..

This is more purple that the yarn really is, but doesn't that edge look fine!

It is a tossup for me about I-cord, but maybe I should do it anyway. This edge might catch on things and I guess the I-cord will protect it.

This last photo lets you see how the corners are formed with short rows. The stitching that forms is decorative.

Anyway, I hope she loves it and I HOPE I get it done in time to have it there by the end of the honeymoon. I think I am going to miss the wedding date....but she is a bride for a year, right?

AND, I got tagged for the 6 unimportant things about myself by Susan at Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm. Well, I am pondering, and will post that one tomorrow, I just can't sift out the unimportant at the moment, since unusual would probably have been more fun, but we shall see. Besides, there are people who don't "get" my knitting obsession, those who just looking at Clem on the screen makes them sneeze, those who are sure I am crazy for the telectroscope obsession and keep trying to tell me it isn't REAL, and those who are bored with that big old bridge in my backyard... So they would all have different definitions of "unimportant" so I will ponder some more.

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Jenni said...

Am I allowed to pout cuz I don't have a pretty purple afghan? Yarn pretty.....