Thursday, February 7, 2008

Artichoke is ?maybe? coming to New York!!!

It is not on the website, but it was in their emails. Those of you who know me know that I am an ADDICT to experiential art. The Angel Project was one of the benchmarks of my life. I can remember it in great detail, I loved every minute of it and I wish I had done it twice but I couldn't get another ticket when they did it here.

If you go to the artichoke site you will see some of their larger than life productions and get a sense of what they do. They did The Sultan's Elephant .. I would have killed to see that one..

the email says..

"A journey under the Atlantic London - New York May –June 2008

Artichoke’s latest project is inspired by Victorian dreamers: men who imagined the impossible, from suspension bridges to metal steamships, from canals through the countryside to viaducts through mountain ranges.

This year, Artichoke is working with British artist Paul St George to create an event suspended between illusion and reality. It explores a world that might have been conceived by HG Wells or Jules Verne, a world in which two nations divided by a common language are united by an astounding invention that has lain undiscovered for well over a century. And this astonishing device may just be the answer to global warming – instant access to a world 4000 miles away without leaving so much as a carbon toeprint.
All will be revealed later this year when Artichoke unveils its new project linking one great city with another, thousands of leagues under the sea…
Will you find it?"

I can't WAIT!!

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Jennifer said...

I'm just jealous now. Can I come live with you?