Monday, October 27, 2008


Two creations.. one is the work of an artist, the other is .... whatever it is.
First there is that lovely postcard from Nadine over at Knitting with a Poodle. Check her out, she is a real original. as you can see from the color and texture she created in that postcard. She does a lot more than knitting, and that poodle is a truly interesting critter too.

As for the "sculpture"... well... my stove seems to put a lot of hot air out the top of it when it is on. The peppergrinder was right next to the space where the heat emerges, and you can see the result........

Relax, those of you who know what a packrat I am. I did manage to throw it out. You will not be seeing it sitting in the studio for months.

I do know what you think when you see I have found things that look like that on the street. I do have SOME restraint....... really.

1 comment:

nadine said...

i was wondering what the Black and white sculpture was - and just what the dimensions were. I just couldn't make it out.
After several moments of musing on your b/w Sculpture - i finally said aloud to the Knitting Companion:
Hey ! that looks just like the card i made.

oh. how fabulous to see it here.
Thank you for your lovely words.