Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rhinebeck part two

Am I the only one who is a carnivore and loves lamb, especially good lamb sandwiches, but thinks it a bit ...ummmmm......insensitive.... to eat lambs in front of lambs?
Well... I did it anyway but I made sure no sheep were within spying distance while I did it.
and then there was afternoon snack.
I suppose other people go to Rhinebeck and don't blog about the food, but dudes... the fudge was to die for and so was the sandwich. I blogged about the food at IKEA for heaven's sake, how could I miss this chance?


Gill said...

but those are not your gold fingernails, are they?! Someone snooked your fudge whilst you were taking a pic, Jordi!!!

jordiw said...

You know me too well... gold fingernails? On me? Never....
Blogless Nicki was only eating her half... any more than her half and she would not have had fingers to paint!!