Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Oh yes, I did go to Rhinebeck!!

and I want to talk about what fun it was. Even though we managed to get lost in the Bronx on the way out of the city, it was a sineage difficulty, not a direction one. Thank heaven Blogless Nicki has a sense of direction, because mine was eluding me. I have no pictures of the detour, but it was through a park of some sort and then we were back on the expressway going the opposite way we wanted to go, but it all sorted itself out.

Once we were actually on the road, it was great. The Zipcar's name was Mack. He had a rattle that we couldn't diagnose and no windshield wiper fluid, but he got us there and back and all was well. This is the first time I have had ANY problem with a Zipcar, so I am going to think it was a singularity in the ocean of Zip and move on. I will also add he had advertising for Zipcar on him and we are SO thankful for that. Once we got to the general vicinity of where we had parked we just cast around til we saw the ad on his side. Without that, we might still be up there in that HUGE parking field saying "Do YOU remember what make car it was?"

Yes, of course there are pictures.. I will spread them out over a couple of blogposts because I haven't taken pics of the stash enhancement that took place... sigh. I was NOT going to enhance it quite as much as I did, but more about that later. Once we got in, it was obvious that there was something for everyone!After I got home I found that although I had many pictures of "animals that produce fibre" I had not a single picture of a sheep... WHAT was I thinking? But I got seduced.
How could anyone resist those eyes?
Or that little smudgy nose?
Or that bad bad bad haircut?
Or fail to be impressed by the haughty stare of someone who knows EXACTLY what they are good at?

I stood a loooonnggg time at that rabbit cage.. The internal dialogue went something like..
"I am sure Sienna would love him"
"Right, Sienna would LOVE him, but not the way you are thinking now. She loves Romeo and Clementine too, but that doesn't stop her from trying to herd them into a corner and keep them there. "
"I have heard they can be housebroken"
"So have I, but it is a process and there are lots of little tiny squishy black dots while the process is taking place......"
"He is SOOOOOO Cute!!"
"Moving right along... you could think about where to put an Alpaca too."
"Hmmm... He could live in the studio"
"THE ALPACA???????????"
"NO... the bunny, what do you think I am? Crazy?"
"Keep moving, you really don't want an answer to that question."

To be continued.... without any additions to the menagerie.


Gill said...

Great expressions!

nadine said...

oh my gosh. you really went to rhinebeck. well. i'm jealous, but i'm allergic (in the serious, fatal way)
to every lovely animal there.
Nature can be so cruel !

So.... i wonder
how much fleece & fibre you brought home.

Midgie said...

I want an alpaca...and a bunny...and a puppy...and big half wild kitty...and a kodama...and a monkey...

As you can see, I'm with you on the internal monologue, though it usually spills out and T has to say no.

jordiw said...

And I have to have the entire conversation with myself! ... Since I am already outnumbered 3 to 1 by the animals in my life, I KNOW I should quit... but those bunnies WERE cute!!!