Friday, October 17, 2008

I've been busy!!

After the shellshock from steeking wore off, I thought I would tell you want else I have been up to.

One of the big spaces in my life has been the opportunity to paint. I just don't SEE landscape. I am not particularly interested in painting it, I would rather photograph it and so just going out and painting never seemed to work for me.

I love painting figures and people. I have probably never shown you these, there are many more in a drawer, but they are what I love to do. I rough in the figure in gouache and then use pastels on top of the gouache, so I really need an easel, a bit of space to spread out the pastels, and a model to do what I love to do.

This is an old New York Institution, on 57th Street
in a landmarked building, and I had a brief experience here several years ago.

Back then I found it snooty and old.

However, my painting mentor/teacher is now teaching here, and there is a class that meets Wed. and Thurs. evening. With all those inducements I decided to give it another try, so I am now taking a class there and last night I even managed to come into legal possession of that most desired of objects, A LOCKER KEY!!!.

I have only done 2 sessions, so one "completed" painting (I still need to look at it next week to be sure it is as done as I am going to make it.)

So I can't show you that because it is still there. I feel really good to be painting a model again. I thought the next time I might take some pictures of the work in process and show you that, but that is for next week. For now the older pictures will have to do.

ALSO, I am going here on Saturday. It's time for what I used to call the anthrax festival. I got Sienna a babysitter and have a rental car for the day. Blogless Nicki and I are going up to Rhinebeck to look at yarn. I have no need of yarn, but that has never stopped me before!! SO there will be some "what I did at Rhinebeck" postings soon.


Gill said...

I want to come to Rheinbeck too! (Though I have no need of more yarn either)

Your portraits are so beautifully observed, Jordi - I'm really looking forward to seeing what you're working on now, too.

Have fun and don't forget to take us along with you too - even if only in your camera.

Clockwatcher said...

I meant to comment on this entry a while ago. These are just beautiful Jordi! I love the mood.....