Thursday, October 23, 2008

Rhinebeck part three

OK, one more before we deal with stash enhancement.
This was my mantra for the day.... or one of them, the other was "no, you cannot have a rabbit".

I really focused in on feeling the difference between Blue Faced Liecster...(Spelling is probably WAY off there) and Romney and Cormo and... and.... and.... There are so many types of sheep and so many blends and ways to combine them that it can be an educational process, and the best place to feel the difference is at Rhinebeck. I am becoming a yarn snob. I can't help myself.

First off, I am learning to appreciate undyed wool... just look at these
aren't they gorgeous?
and what about these

Feeling the undyed yarn just reinforced my belief that if I were to buy just one fibre (as if that could happen!) I would buy cormo wool. It is just perfect. Problem is there is not much of it.

I own shares in the Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm's CSA because they have Cormo sheep and I have a Google watcher on the word Cormo, so they came up and I bought shares. All Cormo, all the time, that's my other mantra.

They are now starting a second CSA at their second farm the Hudson Valley Fiber Farm. They mix the Cormo with mohair from their goats too... It was such a rush to open the box and see the distribution from my first year's shares!!

I also bought some yarn this time from Alice Field of Foxhill Farm. They also have lovely Cormo wool that is mixed with Tussah silk and they dye it into some incredible colors. I am hooked, you will see why but they seem to have niether a website nor a blog.. sigh.

ANYWAY... the other wool of choice was obviously Merino, and there was a lot of that to pat on also, and I stepped WAY outside the comfort zone with a couple of purchases.... tomorrow..

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Helen Cowans said...

I love those neutral calming and beautiful.