Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I have gone steeking crazy!!

I don't really know if this is a steek, but I think it is. I have a lovely Eileen Fisher sweater that I dug out of the "free or cheap" bin in her original store. I took it even though it was big enough for 2 of me to fit into it because I loved it. It is cotton, and I have washed it in hot water several times and though it is still pretty voluminous, I like it.

Rolling up the sleeves to make them short enough was another story. They looked like I was wearing big fat bagels on my wrists, when they stayed on my wrists, so .......

Made bold by the success of the steek in my blue hoodie, I CUT OFF THE SLEEVES!!

I didn't exactly do it neatly, and the yarn was VERY thin. It was actually 2 strands of cotton wound together, and they did not unravel no matter what I tried. Believe me, I tried. I knew, since the seams were sewed, that the best I could hope for was one row unravelled at a time, but I couldn't get anything to unravel, so I just cut.

Then I worked a US 000 needle (I think that is a 2 mm), into the loops, keeping it on the same row by taking little bits off and making it fit no matter how odd it looked occasionally.

Once I got all the available loops onto the needle it looked like this. Keep in mind that I am, conveniently, knitting a cotton washrag-turned-afghan that is knitted with thin cotton yarn on 3.25 mm needles. And it is all being done with neutral colored cotton. SO.. off I went knitting on those sleeves, 2 rows of stockinette and then about 10 rows of K1P1 ribbing.

Once I got started I could tie up the loose ends and make sure that it wasn't too sloppy. It got to where it looked pretty good.

So here are the sleeves, they are the right length, and the color is close enough so it looks like they were meant to be like that.. unless of course you have a mental picture of that Leonardo Da Vinci diagram and realize that my arms are WAY shorter than they should be based on the sweater...but if you know that you are sophisticated enough to know I am taller than I look..... or not to mention it in any case. Right?


Gill said...

OK, no further confirmation needed, you've totally gone doolally!!

But you still create amazing things...

How do you do it?!

blackbird said...

If you could drop by, I think I have four or five sweaters that could use your talent.

Nicki said...

Now that was a bold move and it looks great. You've motivated me to finally finish "the sweater".