Friday, October 24, 2008

Rhinebeck part 4 .. the end.

This was a prize, I think I could wear just this fiber forever. Cormo and silk and lovely color. I don't know what it will be yet, I would have bought more but this was all there was..alas. I wish Fox Hill had a website!
This was a purchase of nostalgia but I had to do it. Tongue River Farm Icelandic wool... Susan Briggs died this year and this was the last of her farm's production. It is wonderful natural, rough but rugged yarn, and I had bought some patterns from her last year and made one pair of wonderful boot socks with her yarn. What these will become remains to be seen, but the CD is a great pattern resource and it was so sad that this is the last of it. This is sock weight, and should become softer with washing so I might try a shawl.... I am not the filmy shawl type, so this could be lovely.
This is Mountain View Farms, 50/50 Lama Merino in a gorgeous deep black that is obviously hard to photograph. SOOOO soft and lovely though.
Obviously I fell down at the Fold booth where they had all the wonderful Socks that Rock colors. There are presents here, but not telling for whom or for when.

It was a great day, and fun was had by all, I can't imagine anything better. The only sad part was we missed the Mingorelli Farm Stand.. I think we were laughing too hard over being mildly lost on the way back to the expressway and passed it... or they closed it early on Saturday. Perhaps I shall choose to believe the first reason. It sounds like more fun.


Nicki said...

But you're forgetting that we thought the toll booth was Mignorelli's - now that was funny.

Gill said...

Oh gorgeous purchases!!

Would the Fold be the Fold from near Chcago by any chance? If so, I've been there...loved it....lovely people too! Have been in touch with them since we got back as well - great service.

Hmmm...need to schedule a visit to coincide with Rheinbeck one of these days!