Friday, October 3, 2008

I had company that made me think

Gill and Mark were here, and they always make my mind start whirling about things I should, could, would be doing. Add that to the subway being in one of its saddest states.. no C train above 145, shuttle bus (aka irregularly occurring cattle car) running above 168 and then next thing you have is lots of time to ponder.

SO first, I have to tell a bit about what we all did..
I spent time with some bus people, some of whom wore VERY cute hats..

I did NOT eat either of the items on this sign, but I confess that I wanted to know how they would taste.

And I DID Imagine how it would be if I started doing some real artsy things again and decided that I have to swap around some of the things I am doing so that I have more time and more impetus to do things rather than reading blogs about other people doing things..
And I have started by deleting about 100 blogs off my Google list... everyone has to start somewhere, right?

Gill and Mark and I found a new subway station mural too, this is just a teaser about it.

The last night, we went to Otto, and I remembered to take a picture of old faithful before I stripped out all the shells and ate it. YUM.

Now I am going to start hunting up a book to alter.. I hope Gill is doing the same??


blackbird said...

Yum - to ALL of it.

Gill said...

Now, we could all have tasted fried Twinkies, if only you had chirped up!

And yes, Gill has indeed FOUND a this space. Or perhaps my space and all will be revealed.

(the book silly...we're not talking another go at Calendar Girls...)

Let's regain our artsy mojo.....

I'm telling myself that, if I have something respectable to send over in november, Anne can bring it with her

nadine said...

goodness, i haven't altered a book in years.

and i'd love to have Mojo return.
especially art mojo.