Sunday, May 17, 2015

Journal #3, Spread 10

These were the last pages I got done, and actually I only finished one today, which means there may be other things that happen tomorrow or the next day but since I am going through the book sequentially, here they are:

They started out like this:

There was really not much to start with and for whatever reason the left side of the spread took forever to come even close to done. The image on the left is a photo I took in London around Christmas easily 10 or more years ago.  In those days I was getting 4 by 6 prints on glossy paper as the output, so I started with one of those and sanded it.  I then used a cold wax on it and the fire-like spots were where I ended up.  The rest of this side is striped wallpaper and bits of tape transferred words.  

The right side came together pretty quickly because of a donation from a friend.  One of my friends is blind and although she doesn't know Braille her husband does and they get a lot of advertisements etc in Braille.  I asked her to save me something so I could play with it and this is the first page of a calendar.  I used the little boy whom you have already seen and transferred him with gel medium.  The Braille on the right of the page is still "readable" but once the transfer went on the letters on the left compressed.  I did some shading on both sides of the page and then used a pen to make other Braille-like letters on the small insert page over one of my burned page experiments.

Lots of tape and some paint and done.  I liked the effect of the little boy transfer but I am trying to work out a way to keep the Braille readable while putting an image on top.  I have a dozen or so paged from the calendar to play with so at some point I'll try again.

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