Monday, May 18, 2015

Journal #3 Spread 11

This one came together fast, and I like the quiet nature of it..
Started out like this:

and nothing on the page stayed except what you can see through the transfers on the left side.  You have seen the eye before, I changed the scale and played with it a bit and the bottom is a building that was being renovated on 57th Street and maybe 8th Ave. several years ago.  Everything had been painted white, even the workman's chair was white, and the shadows were just lovely.  I took several pictures through the window and the workman came out to see what I was interested in.  He kindly let me inside to take some more because I was getting glare in the windows ...

The right side is a photo I have been using for ages as well as some black paper with gold and other acrylics on it and the bottom is some souvenir paper from a notepad I bought in Australia many years ago. It reappeared when I was going through a box of paper and I loved the effect of the turtles underwater.   

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