Thursday, May 14, 2015

Journal #3, Spread 8 and Spread 9

This one was of the incompletes, but I thought I would load it anyway just to keep things orderly.

And then I had an inspiration and now I have a finished spread, or at least as much of a finished spread as I get til more ideas appear. The right side was done when I loaded this picture, but I knew there was something out there somewhere for the left. And I found it in an old copy of the NY Times Magazine.  I rarely use other peoples items unless I change them majorly and this is no exception.  The "sparkles" were background for something and the window was background for a furniture ad.

Honestly the Magazine should have been thrown out long ago, since it was from 2014, but it was on my desk because there was a story I wanted to read. I finally read it and the "sparkles" caught my eye.  And there were a bunch of different windows but this one worked so well!

Spread 8 is another transfer with some drawing added.  This is the house where my parents had an apartment when I was born.  We lived mostly in the back on two floors and I lived there until I was about 7....

I don't think the little flap is done, but the failed transfer on the right got worked over with brushpen and will probably stay as is..

This is spread 9...

This one changed a bit also, though the squares on the left need something I am sure it will appear..

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