Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Journal #3 Spread 7

This started out with a not great transfer.  I thought perhaps I would just scrape it off, I have done that before with Gel Medium Transfers because they can have a plastic texture that lets you peel things away.  However I decided to just stick with it and see where it went.. It started with these pages:

The page on the left was, I think, handmade paper, and it was really heavily textured, which was probably why the transfer went so badly.

Center of the book, and you can see the stamp was pretty oddly "centered" on the page.. or not...

Seems centering on the little pages was not exactly one of my strengths..

 So, transfer on the left, piece of a printout on the right.

The center spread has a bit of stamping, a bit of drawing, a bit of collage and some odd striping, 

A bit of orchid petals, some printout, some striping, some tape transfer, some stamping, some old stamps and that white piece is paint that got pulled up from the windowsill in my living room when the AC leaked and the paint came loose from the  metal frame.  Hoarding strikes again, though I didn't keep it long, the leak only occurred last October...  It has great texture..

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Love it. Such imagination in your pages Jordi.