Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Journal #3 Spread 11

This is the last spread with a small page in it in this book.  There wasn't much of anything on these pages to start with, but just to be consistant:

Someone gave me a DreamCatcher and I used it to make the mandala shapes on these pages, I also used more of the black paper with the gold acrylic and more tape.  The photo on the little page is from the A Train 79th street station in Manhattan..
 More Mandala, more Australian paper, some asparagus stalks and a totally failed transfer of the Manhattan skyline in the fog that I liked SO much better as it was when it didn't work than I would have if it had been pristine that I tore it some more and left it.   Some word tape also.  I just left it as I liked it.  I am not sure about the little person picture on the small page, but it is there and I have to let go of this book so it is staying.

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