Thursday, February 28, 2008

the look

This is "the LOOK". It happens when one of us feels they have been ignored too long. It also occurs between 3 and 4 pm, when a walk SHOULD be taking place if the human was paying attention and again at 10:30 when another walk should be taking place.

It can preceed or follow the laying on of big fat paws that could be construed to be a those more sensitive to such things.

If nothing happens within 4 minutes of "the LOOK" and the slap, there occurs the chasing of other smaller animals, since it must be THEIR fault that the walk has not taken place. If the cat has a score to settle too, then the chasing can drag on a bit because the game becomes tag and involves cat slapping dog and dog attempting to force cat to eat dog's favored stuffed animals. Cats do not eat stuffed animals, no matter how hard dog may try.

On VERY cold, bitterly cold days, a lot of chasing and slapping occurs. Today is such a day.

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