Sunday, February 24, 2008

socks vs books

All my sock knitting books.....Or at least most of my sock knitting books. It is funny to me that I have all these books and all the great patterns and I keep going back to a simple sock. Toe up, eye of partridge toe and heel, not much pattern on the foot, sometimes pattern on the leg, twisted rib top. The goal for this year is something different in the way of socks. They sure are fun, and since whenever I go downtown I am looking at a 30 minute subway ride in the best of circumstances, this has to be a fancy sock year.

2008 the year of the fancy sock.

The other thing is that I have to work out a way to read and knit at the same time. The problem is holding the book and having it readable. I am not the sort who can sit and read off a table while I knit. It needs to be a way to hold the book so that it can sit on my lap... sigh.

ideas? I think there are people out there reading this.. opinions?


Gill said...

I aspire to be able to knit and read at the same time, Jordi but since I struggle to do one or the other, doing both at the same time will take some practice!

I jsut cast on a pair of plain socks for me. I did as you have done and browsed the patterns before deciding on plain old plain. Will keep a pair of fancies to take on our cruise...surely I will have time and peace to concentrate on a pattern then?

jordiw said...

I can do both as long as the knitting is not patterned. But holding the book and turning the pages is not functional.. I think you will have SO MUCH to look at on the cruise you won't have time to knit! I am still drooling over everything you are going to see.

Jenni said...

Ok, with all the knitting and I have to ask (especially after pricing out them out)- Have YOU ever thought of teaching your very own knitting class? 'round here socks 101 start at $60 for 2 classes. Thought it might at least fund your habit =)