Friday, February 29, 2008

Do you have photos that haunt you?

Are there photos that sick in your mind and you pause everytime they show up in your screensaver or you flip past them in an old album?

I have several. I keep coming back to them over and over thinking there is something else I could do with them. Most of them are from my past and my parent's lives. I have combined them into single pictures like the one I used in the Holga-ized pictures. I still stare at those two pictures, me as a child and my mother as a young woman and wonder what else I could do with them. There is another picture of me that has a similar effect.. I was the first born, so there are a LOT of pictures of me...but this one also sticks with me...

I don't know what I was doing or thinking, but it is pure me, I have no doubt.

Another picture that haunts is one from much later in my life, when I was a young, broke, single parent. I had a roommate and ultimately she got married. I was big on photography even then because it was cheap entertainment.

This one is of the roommate on her wedding day. I LOVE it and have played with it endlessly in photoshop. Two things I have done with it follow the original.

In the middle one, I combined it with a photo of her soon to be (and still is) husband that I took on the same day, and in the bottom one.. Subway angel.. she is combined with an empty NY Subway car wearing wings that were decorations on a building near where I lived. I have made a full size negative of the bottom one, printed it from my computer, and printed it as a cyanotype. The finished product there looked like this:

Does anyone else have a "haunting" image? Show it on your blog, I am dying to see what intrigues you.


Harry said...

I'm so glad you put that picture from my favorite "Lifetime" movie - "Shirley Temple, the Early Years" I only wished the mp3 of Good Ship Lollipop were included.

Clockwatcher said...

I love this entry! I need to think about what my pictures would be. Actually, of the ones of the roommate, I really love the original. The mannequin head is wonderful.