Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dinner at the Red Cat

Dinner last night at the Red Cat on 10th Avenue.
It is worth it to follow the link just to hear Willie Nelson singing Midnight Rider. I usually don't play music from sites, but this one sent me over to ITunes to buy it.

We go there because every couple of months we get a craving for the Tempura Greenbeans with Wasabi dipping sauce... be still my heart! These are among the best tastes in the city. We get them as an appetizer and won't let them take them away until we finally have to admit that we can't quite finish them. That usually happens about the time we are discussing dessert. BIG sigh.

At the bar before we ate.. I was of course LATE, thank you NYC MTA. The A train was yet again not running so there was the wait for the shuttle bus and then the wait at 165th Street for the A train, the trip to 42nd, the transfer to the C and the trip to 23rd street. It is like going to Atlanta without involving the airplane!

But this drink, whatever it was, was just what I needed. Maybe Nicki can add a comment and say what was in it besides something sparkling.

I can never remember the name of the liqueur that is in it. There are also French Radishes and salt on the bar. And of course the cookbook. I think it has the recipe for the green beans in it, but I just wouldn't have the patience.
The special was Red Snapper on a "stew" of couscous with Greek seasonings and scrambled eggs and I would have licked the plate if I would not have been a little embarassed.

For the cheese plate picture.. it is worth it.. you have to go here.

We actually decided against the desserts for the cheese, and were glad we had. It was exactly what we wanted.

Today is an add listings to Etsy or else day. By 8 tonight or so, probably not before... I have stuff halfway there, nothing really finished, but I like what is on the table and the wind is REALLY blowing out there, so a trip to the dogpark is unlikely.


Nicki said...

That is an Aperol Cocktail. Aperol (an apertivo) and Procesco (Italian sparkling wine). Excellent before dinner, especially green beans.

Clockwatcher said...

That looks so delicious. The little trick I always use when I want to lick the plate and try to maintain my dignity is to wipe the plate very casually with my forefinger and then lick my finger. Try to be nodding earnestly at someone else's conversation while you do it. ;)