Saturday, February 9, 2008

I've been trying...

I have been trying to organize "My Pictures" .. the folder in Windows where all the pictures go. Seems there should be logic there, but each time seems there is something that is in 14 places or just doesn't fit. Then I have to take the Photoshop pictures into P'shop to see how they are different other than date. Man.. there has to be a better way. I use Picassa, I LOVE Picassa, but I am still drowning in photos.. pictures of knitting, of drawings, of books I have made.. the list is endless..

To avoid a pictureless post, here are a couple of the oddities I found...This was a memory book I made for a friend's 60th bithday party.

and a Hello Kitty pocket jotter that I made from a Pocky box ... after, of course, I emptied the contents. I loved the little jingle bells. That way you knew it was in your purse somewhere.

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